Thai Foot Massage

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May 26, 2017
Asian Bodywork
May 26, 2017

Thai Foot Massage is an invigorating, yet relaxing technique that works the entire body through the reflexes and Sen lines of the foot and lower leg.

Thai Foot Massage is thought be the child of the tradition reflexology techniques found in China (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and India (Ayurvedic Medicine), which are both thousands of years old.

During a typical Thai Foot Massage the feet are first cleaned with a special slat scrub and hot towels, which are followed by a combination of gentle compression techniques, stretches and work on the reflex points in the feet using a special Rosewood or Teak point stimulator.

Benefits of Thai foot massage:

  • increases overall health and vitality
  • invokes deep parasympathetic relaxation
  • full body benefit while only working feet and lower legs
  • reduced tension and fatigue in feet and lower legs