Integrated Massage

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Wellness Massage
May 7, 2018
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Cupping Therapy
May 5, 2018

Therapeutic Massage

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Wellness Massage

This massage will leave you feeling reconnected with yourself and relaxed in your body so that you may better face all the demands of your day. A unique session that is my own custom blend of relaxing Swedish massage, therapeutic Shiatsu acupressure, reflexology and healing myofascial release. Clients have said that it is magical and transformative!
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Integrated Therapy

These sessions are designed to help you address chronic pain, stress & stiffness so that you may get back to your workouts, child care or career ambitions with focus and ease. Designed to go a step beyond my Wellness Massage, this is a more therapeutic session that integrates multiple techniques such as trigger point therapy, therapeutic massage, cupping, gua sha, Shiatsu Hara abdominal massage, reflexology and/or Reiki.

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