Chair Massage

May 26, 2017
Thai Foot Massage
May 26, 2017

Chair Massage - Bring Wellness to Work

Brings the treatment room to your workplace!

Today's employment climate is competitive and every advantage can make a difference in attracting and retaining quality employees. That's one reason employee wellness programs have become a popular means of providing physical as well as psychological benefits to employees. Chair massage can be a great way to relieve stress and is also a quick pick-me-up that doesn’t disrupt the work day, allows employees to decompress and get back to work refocused and refreshed.

Chair massage can be budgeted as an add-on to your employee benefits menu. It can also be a welcome addition to your next office holiday party, employee appreciation day or wellness event.

Low cost benefit
On-site chair massage costs less than most other employee benefits, including a catered lunch. Show your staff that you truly appreciate all their hard work.

What can on-site chair massage do for your employees?
  • Improve productivity: people in pain are less productive. Massage helps reduce staff muscle pain and stress.

  • Enhance corporate culture: companies that provide their staff with massages are better regarded by employees.

  • Decrease absenteeism: nobody wants to miss massage day!

  • Improve job satisfaction: employees who are less stressed report greater job satisfaction.

What’s the cost of having on-site chair massage?

Option 1: Company paid chair-massage
  • $90 per hour (2 hr min)

  • $25 travel fee

  • Please contact Beth directly to discuss your needs

Option 2: Employee paid chair-massage
    • $15 for 10 minutes or $20 for 15 minutes (150 minute min)

    • $25 travel fee (payable by the company)

    • Please contact Beth directly to discuss your needs

For both options scheduling for individual sessions is managed by Beth Wade, LMT via an on-line schedule that allows employees to sign-up for the timeslot they want. A unique URL will be shared with your company for distribution to employees.

How do we schedule chair massage for our office or event?
Call me at 224-585-9785 or email me at to discuss your specific needs.

Note: Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical care. If you have a chronic illness or injury that does not subside quickly, it is best to seek medical attention. Massage therapy should not be used to replace your regular medical care or to delay seeing a doctor about a medical problem. Massage therapists in the State of Illinois cannot diagnose nor treat medical conditions.