Love Your Life Post-Assessment

Now that you've taken the assessment and have either printed out the results or looked at them, how many 1's are there? How many 5's? How many 10's?

There are infinite ways the ups and downs in your life reflect whether or not you are connected to yourself and living the joyful experience you dream about.

The universe communicates with us subtly, and sometimes very blatantly, in every aspect of our lives. When you experience disconnect, discord, and problems in one area, it's a great indicator that there is something deeper going on that’s keeping you from having the success fulfillment and pleasure you should be having.

These could be:

  • Health problems (chronic stress and pain)
  • Career struggles (lack of motivation and success)
  • Relationship conflict (not having your needs met and feeling disconnected)
  • Self satisfaction and love (not feeling like "yourself" anymore)
  • Loss of spiritual fulfillment and connection (feeling shut off from the deep and powerful parts of yourself and the world around you)

Struggle and breakdown in the above areas can indicate there are ways you’re not honoring and taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. All of this manifests in various ways in your life, and then your body.

If you're experiencing feelings of:

  • Being lost, surrounded by chaos
  • Knowing that you want something better, but not knowing what it is
  • Fear about where you’ll be in five years if things don’t change
  • Struggling to manage chronic pain, stress, and still get everything done

The first step to moving through that foggy mess is to actually be willing to look at it.

To do this, I want to give you a safe, easy to follow, and confidence-inspiring experience that gives you the insight you need and sets you up to get back on the path of success, fulfillment, and wholeness!

Take a look at your scores and see what areas you marked high in. These are places you are feeling the best about in life!

The areas you scored lowest in are the hold backs, and this is where you have the most work to do. But don't worry, I'm not going to just stir up your emotions and leave you there! That's why I'm giving you the invitation to join me for a no-strings-attached Love Your Life Discovery Session.

Being able to identify places of dissatisfaction in your life may help alleviate the stress and in turn, the chronic pain that you're living with. Replace that chronic stress and chronic pain with inspiration, joy, and enthusiasm. Be excited to face the day!

Let my years of experience in mentoring, bodywork, and healing help you discover what powerful actions you can take to start resolving those painful, stressful, and life draining areas of your life!

The first step was being willing to take a look at yourself. And you have! YAY!  The next step is saying "YES!" to a change and exploring the "how" of it. So, let's set up a time that works for you and see how we can make you a priority in your life again!

My deepest desire is to assist you in finding that place of empower that lives inside you, and to encourage you in becoming the fierce goddess you were born to be! Let’s rock this!

Shoot me an email TODAY at so we can set-up your free, no obligation Discovery Session where we can dive a little deeper into the areas you feel need improvement and see if one of my Love Your Life programs is for you. (Your Discovery Session can be done through either a short phone chat or email exchange - whichever will work best for you.)

ONE LAST THING! As my FREE gift for you, for making it this far in your journey to reclaim yourself - please download this simple Workbook and start using it TODAY! Shine on Supernova!