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One of the main goal of my practice is to allow my clients an opportunity to check-out, to truly unplug and relax. To do this I work on creating an immersive, cocoon like experience for my clients.  Having to listen to the murmur of conversation through a wall, the jangling of keys or the mail carrier continue reading
It is always an honor to have the opportunity to partner with you on your journey to health and well-being. I deeply respect your commitment to becoming whole, and living a full and rewarding life. In an effort to continue to provide you with the best service and updated skills, all my service rates will be continue reading
I'm so excited to now be offering the healing and therapeutic energy of the BioMat! This is included in EVERY session. Mat Nap Time is also available as an add-on to your bodywork, cupping or energy healing session. The BioMat is a FDA approved device filled with amethyst and black tourmaline that emits far infrared rays as continue reading
I have just launched a podcast! Please find it on your favorite platform and subscribe so you can get the latest episodes as I publish them.
Deepens Depression In a recent study from San Francisco State University, students were told to either walk down a hall in a slouched position or to skip. The slouchers reported increased feelings of depression and lower energy than skippers. That’s no surprise, even our language reflects this connection between proper posture and emotional affect—someone weak is called continue reading
I have been awarded the 2018 Community Choice Award for Massage Therapy from YAY! Thanks Yocale! Beth Wade, LMT is ranked as a top Massage Therapy in Chicago IL Verified by
Years ago I used to rely on artificially fragranced candles, air fresheners and body products to give myself and my home a “nice” aroma. Then I discovered essential oils & essential oil diffusers and I haven't looked back. Not even a little. Nowadays I can’t walk by certain mall retailers without getting watery eyes and continue reading
I'm excited to now be able to offer every client the healing benefits of far infrared heat and jade in the form of my NEW table pad. (Far infrared heat is isolated and has no know dangerous effects.) Some of the benefits of this amazing tool are: - Drug free, natural pain relief - Increases blood circulation - Supports continue reading
WHY I DON’T OFFER “DEEP TISSUE” MASSAGE ON MY MENU The biggest piece of  misinformation about deep tissue massage that I deal with as a therapist, is that most people believe that that deep tissue means applying a lot of heavy-handed, deep pressure. The second piece of misinformation is that if it’s a “deep tissue” massage continue reading