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Have you ever felt like you’re jumping out of bed, running through your day to get everything done, yet you never seem to be able to do it all, much less get ahead? Do you ever feel like you’re standing on uneasy ground and can never really get your footing? Most people wake up and take the day as it comes, but having a continue reading
Our skin endures a lot during the winter months. Not only are we contending with various environmental elements, but also with constant temperature changes (going from a warm building to the chilly outdoors). The effect is often dehydrated and chapped skin, redness, cold sores around the lip, and a dull dryness on cheeks.Night repair :After continue reading
Here at Twisted Roots Chicago, our number one priority is to help our clients reclaim their joy. That’s why we want to elevate your experience to the next level, and if you’ve been in recently, you might have noticed a few changes. We are growing our practice into a female focused wellness center with more continue reading
Why You Should Start Yoga and Meditationby Laurie Larson As we rush through the stressors and demands of our daily lives, we can sometimes feel as if we’re running in circles to tie the loose ends hanging over our heads. Despite all of the time and energy we dedicate to work, family, and other obligations, it continue reading
1) Refine Your Relationships : As we grow and change, our friendships do too. A big way to Spring Clean your life is to focus on the friendships that really make you happy. If you’re really feeling the strain with some people, it’s probably worth asking yourself: do you really want to put more time into continue reading
When people talk about relaxation, it's often framed as something that's not vital or important. Truth is, relaxation is one of the healthiest practices you can incorporate into your daily life. Chronic, and even daily stress can take a toll on both our physical and mental health. Studies show that regular relaxation can help reduce continue reading
Once again the subject of “massage parlors” that offer sexual services is making headlines. Social media, late night TV and general conversations joke about “happy endings”, however there is nothing happy about it.These establishments are basically brothels populated by sex slaves and have zero to do with the legitimate massage therapy industry and everything to continue reading
It's me - Beth Wade. I'm the owner and Licensed Massage Therapist at Twisted Roots Chicago, LLC and I thought I'd drop a post to introduce myself to those that haven't been in to work with me yet. My office is conveniently located on Chicago's Jeweler's Row, just a block from Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park. Mid-day, afternoon and continue reading
Why I have a cancellation policy.