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The human body knows deep down how to heal itself and live optimally.

At Twisted Roots we provide you with the time, space and support to allow your mind, body and spirit to reconnect with that inner knowledge so you can live a life filled with joy and purpose.

Self-care should never feel like just a luxury. In our space you will feel welcomed, educated and comfortable.

Beth Wade, LMT - Lead Therapist

Having been born & raised on Chicago’s Northwest Side I am firmly rooted in our amazing City and have deep, unconditional love for pizza, my neighborhood and the Cubs.

After spending years working as an assistant in both Chiropractic and Acupuncture clinics, and experiencing first hand the overwhelming benefits of holistic care, I knew my calling was to help others experience these life changing benefits.

My educational background includes massage, reflexology, cupping therapy, reiki and life coaching, and when combined with over seven years of experience you can trust that your well-being is in magical hands.

Beth Wade, LMT
2011 – School of Holistic Massage & Reflexology : Reflexology Certification
2012 – Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement
2013 – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine : Massage Diploma
2015 – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine : Associates in Applied Science (Holistic Health)
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Sarah Langthorne, LMT - Associate Therapist

Sarah is an Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist and has recently finished her studies at PCOM to become an Illinois Licensed Acupuncturist this Fall.

Sarah has worked with clients on a wide variety of issues including chronic pain, GI issues, and insomnia. Through her work, she has discovered that the underlying cause of many of these issues has been stress.

Realizing that if the body can’t relax, it can’t heal, Sarah began catering her treatment styles to talk more directly with the body systems responsible for calming the central nervous system to create a deep sense of peace. She began using more visualizations and other techniques to help people listen to their own bodies, as well.

A longtime student of Aikido and Zazen, Sarah sees how this distracting world that we live in can do more harm than good. Her goal in treatment is to help bring clients back into the deep quiet where they may do their best healing.

Sarah Langthorne, LMT
2013 – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine : Massage Diploma
2018 – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine : Masters in Oriental Medicine

Sarah Langthrone, LMT

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