3 Ways to Help You Favorite Small Businesses Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

3 Ways to Help You Favorite Small Businesses Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

March 15, 2020 Uncategorized 0
Support Your Local Businesses

Businesses large and small are beginning to feel the financial impact of the current health situation and many fear they won’t survive this crisis.

There are actions you can take, however, to make sure that your favorite businesses stay open.

1. Buy gift certificates : Many businesses have gift certificates available for purchase online. Buy directly from the business and not through a service (like gift card mall,etc) so that they receive the full amount. Once things settle back down go use those gift certificates, and keep going back again and again because small businesses are awesome.

2. Keep your scheduled appointments : If you’re able, keep your scheduled appointments and reservations. While gathering in large numbers is highly discouraged, small shops, salons and restaurants are much easier environments to keep clean and disinfected. If you need to reschedule an appointment, and can afford it, pay anyway. If you do go out to eat or to receive a service, and can afford it, tip a little more than you normally would.

3. Shop online : If your favorite business has an eCommerce site visit it and buy something. Buy two somethings. Send a friend a gift to brighten their day. Buy a meal and have it delivered to you. Schedule an appointment for a month from now (and keep it).

BONUS : Keep liking, commenting and sharing their social media posts to help show your support. It might even help to give them a boost in business.

If everyone does one or more of these actions we can all get through this together and be better for it on the other side of this crisis.

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