Reclaim your joy. Get a massage.

Release what is holding you back from a life of joy, ease and purpose – chronic stress, pain and toxic inner turmoil. Free yourself from the negative impact of stress so that you may spend more quality time with those you love, be more focused and productive in your career, and get back to all the hobbies and activities that bring you joy.

Self care is never a luxury, it's part of a balanced lifestyle.

Regular self-care, including massage, allows you to “get back” to yourself. The positive effects of your customized bodywork sessions allow you to improve both your physical and emotional health. You'll start living a life that is pain free and stress free so you can be your best for those you love.
We're conveniently located at 17 N Wabash, in downtown Chicago on historic Jewelers Row, just steps from Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park. Our central location lets you easily incorporate your self-care into your week day schedule. Our calm oasis is a welcome escape from the hustle of The Loop.
Office hours are Tuesday through Thursday, by appointment only. Online scheduling is available to make it easy for you to book your “Me Time” the minute you feel your pain and stress levels starting to rise, not after you’ve reached burn-out. Book your massage, reflexology or cupping session HERE.
Testimonial by Maddy H.

After spending years working as an assistant in both Chiropractic and Acupuncture clinics, and experiencing first hand the overwhelming benefits of holistic care, I knew my calling was to help others experience these life changing benefits.

My educational background includes massage, reflexology, cupping therapy, reiki and life coaching, and when combined with over eight years of experience you can trust that your well-being is in magical hands.

Self-care should never be a luxury and I strive to ensure that each of my clients feels welcomed, educated and comfortable. I firmly believe that the human body knows deep down how to heal itself and live optimally. My promise to you is to provide to you the time, space and support needed to allow your mind, body and spirit to reconnect with that inner knowledge so that you may begin to live a life filled with joy and purpose.

You may schedule your session HERE, or you can either email me at or phone me at (224)585-9785. (if you have a gift certificate please contact me to schedule)


Service Hours

Tuesday : 1pm – 7pm
Wednesday : 12pm – 6pm
Thursday : 1pm – 7pm
by appointment only


17 N Wabash, Suite 470 Chicago, IL 60602




  • Jennifer T.
    When I get a massage that can actually put me to sleep, that is a good massage! Beth is thoughtful and listens to what your issues are so she can address them accordingly. She really helps get to the root of the problem if you are experiencing any pain or provides a great massage if you just need to relax. So happy I found her!
    Jennifer T.
  • Stacey R.
    I always feel like I'm in good hands with Beth and that she cares about my wellbeing…
    Stacey R.
  • Michelle V.
    Beth is a master practitioner of both the science and art of massage therapy! Beth is able to do more for my mental health in one session than what 15 years of talk therapy was able to achieve. She is amazing at what she does and is an incredible human being.
    Michelle V.